Below is the current list of people waiting on a glove.

I do not always work in the order of receipt. Sometimes I will work on a batch of similar gloves at once and
that might cause some newer orders to get filled before some of the older orders.

The names in GREEN are the ones I am currently working on. The ones in RED... well... you know...
...patience is a virtue. The ones in WHITE are orders that have been placed on indefinite hold.



I'd like to send a special thanks to Chris Grantner at A true friend and mentor in this hobby and a great builder himself. Chris' gloves are top of the line and his personal artistic touch make his gloves truly one of a kind. I am proud to endorse his work! Check out his site to see more of his own work!

Also, a big shout out to Steve Sévigny of Dreams Slasher Creations for help with the Knifegloves title design!

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