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These stands are made of wood. They are hand colored and then clear coated for a lustrous finish. They have wooden dowels that push into pre-drilled holes in the base. You might need to trim these dowels to fit your glove, as each glove is different. It even has felt pads on the bottom to protect your furniture!

A great and affordable way to display your pride in all its glory on the shelf
instead of having it sitting in a drawer out of sight.


These stands are NOT made by me (Mark Petrie). If you have questions about them or have questions about an order you have placed for a stand, you may contact the artist HERE.

All stand orders are processed through him and are completely separate transactions from any and all other transactions made through

Mark Petrie and Knife Gloves, LLC assume no responsibility for the fulfillment of these orders.





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International buyers will be charged an extra $15 shipping charge.


I'd like to send a special thanks to Chris Grantner at A true friend and mentor in this hobby and a great builder himself. Chris' gloves are top of the line and his personal artistic touch make his gloves truly one of a kind. I am proud to endorse his work! Check out his site to see more of his own work!

Also, a big shout out to Steve Sévigny of Dreams Slasher Creations for help with the Knifegloves title design!

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